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Welcome to the OpenSource P2P Net!
"Information wants to be truly free"

The OpenSource P2P Net allows open source, no profit clients to connect and share files. The #1 rule on the network is that no one can make money from the software used to share files. All clients that profit from file sharing are blocked. Only open source no profit clients are allowed to connect.

Greed makes the network vulnerable to corporate attack, it's the last weak point for big corporations to attack. People give their bandwidth, personal time and computer resources when sharing files, wouldn't it be nice to know that your efforts weren't going to pay for corporate overhead or new corporate cars? Greed is bad for a true, open and free P2P file sharing network. Profit motivates marketing departments to send you pop-up ads and try to track you on the web, what will they do to P2P? Companies will do anything to get you to visit their own shopping site so lame internal browsers are included that only go to their site.

Open, free source code is available that does everything needed to share files successfully, no reason to write the same code over and over then charge for it. All the improvements to P2P came from open free discussion on the net. The OpenSource P2P Net will be the only truly free P2P file sharing network left after all the corporate lawsuits are over.

Until authors release new versions of their clients, a modified Gnucleus version is available here.

You now have a choice!

You can Download the latest modified Gnucleus version, read the Installation Instructions, check out the new features, or for more details visit our developers page.

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The project page is at

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Gnucleus (Windows)
03/30/2002 Second Release!
03/22/2002 First Release

03/27/2002 Gtk-Frutella

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OpenSource P2P Net

Gnutella Net

Commercial Client IDs

BearShare BEAR
LimeWire LIME
Morpheus MRPH
Gnucleus MRPH
SwapNut SNUT
ToadNode TOAD
(note that gnucleus
is really Morpheus)