OpenSource P2P Net
Features of the latest Gnucleus version

* Connects to the OpenSource P2P Net by default
* Still works as a Gnutella client, with or without blocking
* You control all aspects of blocking, it's your choice!
* Network type, name and blocking settings are all via the GUI
* Move around the network to find rare files!
* Selectively block clients that are causing problems
* Selectively block clients to move around the clustered net
* Block all for profit clients with one push of a button
* Find out for yourself that you don't need commercial clients to share files!
* Change from OpenSource P2P Net to Gnutella from the GUI
* Create a custom network name, start your own private network!
* Avoid your sys-admin if packet sniffers are looking for "GNUTELLA"
* Default lists of clients included to help select blocking
* All this and it's free! No Greed!

* Static host catchers now reload properly with delay
* Internal host cache is now larger so it's harder to run dry

Checked with the latest norton antivirus.


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