OpenSource P2P Net
Developer and More Detailed Information

Some Details:

Most people won't need to know the following, you can skip this.

The OpenSource P2P Net is based on the Gnutella protocol with the "GNUTELLA CONNECT" string
changed to "OPENSOURCE CONNECT" also anywhere that "GNUTELLA" is found in
a connect header.

This separates the open source network from the original (and now commercialized) gnutella network.
The more people that run clients 24/7, the more files will be available. There may be days where no one is
online at first, but please stick with it.

If you lose all connections, type a IP from the forum into the "Connections Advanced" box and
click "Add". Once you type the IP in it will stay in the little box and you can just click "Add"
again if you lose it again.
If you add the IP to the host cache list it will be reloaded automatically. If you are in Gnutella mode and lose
all your hosts in the local cache, turn blocking off till it fills up again or you get a few connections.

Some people are having problems with the IRC Chat Servers being used as a static host cache, this
is a problem because IRC considers Gnucleus a "BOT" and bots are not allowed on most IRC servers.
IRC servers were not meant to be used this way, and you will be banned from some so I will be creating a new host
cache system here.
If you want to disable all IRC connections, just edit the file "GnuServers.ini" and remove any chat server names.
Info: "Network" should be set to the default "Regular Node on the Internet". Everything else is the same.
The format of the "GnuServers.ini" file for host connection IPs will look like this as you add more:
(these are NOT current valid IPs! Example only)

[Connect Servers]

Other files programmers may want:

The project page is at
The "Diff" file for this mod version is against the 03/25/2002 CVS osp2pdif.txt
The original source code and CVS is at

MD5SUM c4bef5c27ecd8992b5499b4480205d22 Gnucleus.exe 03/30/2002

Problems? Questions? Post them to the forums at


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